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Azure striker gunvolt hell the fuck yessssss

in my 3DS right now download faster

I need to play an actually good game for a change

One day, this power is going to bring the entire world against me.

Best design choice of the “New” 3DS

"We moved the power button away from where the start button used to be so now you wont accidentally turn the thing off when trying to pause."


さんぽ | イト [pixiv]


さんぽ | イト [pixiv]

Roomie needed by Nov 1st


Hello! I’m interested in rooming with someone to cut cost of rent and bills.

I currently live in Sandy Springs, GA right on the boarder of Atlanta. It’s a GREAT place with a lot of convenient shops and a lot of places to eat. I’d prefer to stay in SS because my job is just a few minutes away but I’m open to looking in other areas

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“These small fights are such a pain. I think I’ll just end the world.”
Immediately afterwards, everything in the world was truly and seriously destroyed.

All Level Fives

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Magicians of Necessarius